We offer our clients the ability to leave the general upkeep and related worries of the horse’s care to us,  which enables them to fully enjoy all the joys of being with their horse, without the worry.

The horses are housed within three connecting stables, with the ability to house over 80 horses.  Every stable has windows and enough fresh air. For bedding we use sawdust. The stables also contain saddle rooms, rooms for cleaning the horses, a room for the cleaning of all horse equipment which also contains a washing machine, as well as a room for the shoeing of the horses.
The upkeep of a horse includes the sheltering of the horse, feeding, watering and the cleaning of the horse’s stall.  The horses are fed three times a day, and the main menu includes hay and oats (between 6 to 10 kg a day).  It is also possible to feed the horse to the client’s specifications if they supply what is needed.  The cleaning of the horses stalls happens every day.

Beside the stables, there is more then 10 hectares of land, where there is a large grass-covered competition area, cross-country courses and 10 paddocks.  If required, it is possible to establish new paddocks as well. 

Riding can be done in a large 33×43 m, sand-covered sheltered riding grounds, a 0.5 hectare size sand-covered outdoor grounds, along established cross-country courses or if desired in the wilderness (for example, along the Klooga seashore).  It is also possible to use the obstacle course complex and the riding school grounds.

The clients are able to use fully-renovated change rooms where there are showers, saunas and lockers.  There is also a cafe and a small horse accessory sales shop is being built. 

Working along with experienced riders, we offer along with the housing of the horses, schooling for the horses as well as training.  This is a great opportunity for the horse-lovers who have very busy schedules and are unable to spend the time they would like with their horses.  Southern-Finns should also consider these options, since housing and maintaining a horse in Estonia is less expensive then in Finland, and the drive over is only a few hours.

Along with these services, we also offer renting of the riding complex for the organizing of birthdays and excurisons, working along with Niitvälja’s riding school etc.  Contact us and let us know what your needs are.

We will be waiting for you!