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Niitvälja is one of Estonian’s more well known riding facilities, where they have been dealing with horses for hundreds of years, starting when Niitvälja manor was established in 1860-70.  The existing riding complex along with the extensive riding grounds, three stables and other structures were erected in 1976.

The riding complexes main building has over 3000 m² of sheltered riding area, and it is surrounded by 10 hectares of land that contains a sand-covered outdoor grounds, grass-covered competition grounds, cross-country courses as well as a large amount of sand and grass paddocks.  If the need arises, it is possible to use dozens of hectares worth of grassland.

The riding complex is found 30 km outside of Tallinn, beside the Niitvälja train station and across from the Niitvälja Golf course.  Surrounding the riding complex there is more then enough space, grassland and forested areas.  The sea is about 5 km away. 

We do our best to take care of the horses so that the owners are freed from the horse’s general upkeep, and we await your visit!