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Niitvälja is one of the best known equestrian centres in Estonia, where horses have been used for
centuries, since the establishment of Niitvälja semi-mansion in 1860-70. The existing equestrian complex
with a large manege, three stables and other outbuildings was built in 1976.

The main building of the complex has a roof area of more than 3000 m2, and around the main building
there is a 10 hectare plot of land with a sand-covered outdoor arena, a grass-covered competition
arena, a landscaped track and numerous sand and grass paddocks. If necessary, we will be able to make
additional use of several dozen hectares of grassland.

We are located 30 km from Tallinn, next to Niitvälja railway station and opposite Niitvälja Golf. There is
plenty of space, grassland and forest around the riding centre. The sea is 5 km away.

We will do our best to relieve horse owners of the hassle of horse maintenance and we look forward to
seeing you!